Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Gives?

Okay I have a serious question.  I am not doing this blog for income, you'll notice that I have no ads.  This is strictly for my own fun, accountability and networking.  But I do check out my traffic once in a while.  I've noticed something really strange lately.  While most of my posts show 17 hits, 25 hits, 3 hits, ect.  there is ONE post that has over 200 views.  And it is a post that I put out with no photos, it is just a punch list post called "Heart it, Don't Hoard it".  I even say in the post that it may be a long boring post with no photos.  And I believe I've received more comments on that post, online and off.   What gives?  Does the title hit home for a lot of folks?  Please comment.  I just find it really strange, the interest in that one post.

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