Sunday, November 4, 2012

Black Chandelier

Now for the new dining room chandelier.  It is not installed yet but I have it hanging from a plant hook so you can see the results.  I found this large chandelier on Craigslist, a little country for my taste with shiny brass and porcelain, but tons of potential.

It is obvious that I am new to blogging because I forgot to take a before photo.  Here it is with a coat of primer on it.  The cups and bulbous parts of the base are porcelain and the rest is brass.  This thing is heavy!

I decided to go with a flat black to give it a wrought iron look.  I may touch it up with just a touch of antique gold to make it work with the existing medallion. For now it is just black until I decide.

This is the existing ceiling medallion.

Here it is before adding all the bling.

After priming it, I painted it with a foam sponge....messy job.  Then I added the shades, recovered in some upholstery fabric that was previously curtains, and then some antique chandelier crystals I won on eBay.
Of course, you've got to get dirty sometimes.
Over those country porcelain pieces, I had planned to use stung crystal beads to cover it over but those things are expensive!  And it would have taken a ton of them to cover it.  For now it is all black.  I may go back later and add the beads but I think it may have made it a little too fancy for my home...I am not in a mansion here.


  1. Great job! How much did you end up spending on the project? And always always always take BEFORE pics! No one will ever believe you when you tell them it looked like a dog before you got your hands on it! LOL

    Thrift Diving

  2. I think I paid $25 for the thing on Craigslist. Then I bought the crystals on Ebay, vintage from an old chandelier. I believe those were around $20. The rest was paint I already had. Shades I already had collected on various thriftstore runs