Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fancy skirt

Ok, another cheaterpants post.  I swear I am pulling it together.....just not yet.  So this was a nice long skirt that just needed a little work to make it perfect for the daughter.   No before photo, this is the aftershot.

It had this nice ricrac detail, and the design of the print alone doesn't allow me to cut it off at the bottom.  

And it is has a cotton liner so I decided to use that as a little peekaboo.

So I added these little zigzags over an elastic string to draw it up.

Since I couldn't shorten it from the bottom, I removed the waistband, chopped it off from the top and reattached the waistband.

To preserve the existing buttonhole, zipper and also to allow for future growth, I did not cut the waistband down to size but chose to just stitch a pinch in (is that a technical term?).  This way I can always unstitch that later when she grows.

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