Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pants-leg Princess

Okay, I admit that this isn't the best picture but I am really pushing to post daily in the middle of  trying to get organized at home.  More on that in a minute.

This little top was made from the pants leg of a pair of large ladies capri jeans!  YES! This is the decorative bottom part....sleeves and a ruffle added.  So I have the other leg left over guessed it, a miniskirt!  She just wasn't wearing it that day.  Maybe I can show the entire outfit in another post.

So, back to my organizing situation.  When I said in the last post that I was a fabric hoarder, I wasn't exaggerating.  I have bins and bins and since I buy at thrift stores, I HAVE to buy it when I see that perfect piece or it will be gone tomorrow.  And I see fabric storage solutions on blogs, like file cabinets to hang fat quarters, cubbies, etc.  but my pieces are often items of clothing so nice folded squares aren't usually possible.  My other issue is, I want to be able to SEE it all.  I want to be able to view the stack, because I have so much that I forget what I have.  Pathetic, I know.  So here is my little secret that I am ashamed of.....bearing it all here.  I even pay for a storage unit full of bins of fabric.  OMG!

In my defense, I justified it that it was only temporary while I got my rooms organized and worked through some of the stash still at home.  Nice theory, not reality...I've had it for three months now.  It is just as I feared, out of sight, out of mind.  And I have NOT worked through my stash, I just keep buying more.  Also, in my defense, I do have a few pieces of furniture in there too, that I planned to bring home one piece at a time as I had time to repaint them. You know,  in between working full time, raising two kids, and all the sewing I plan to do.  Oh yeah, and I forgot the hubby.....and sleeping.

Regardless of my best intentions, it is crazy for me to pay good money to store items that I bought at the thrift store.  It defeats the purpose.  So my goal now is to get organized enough at home, to bring it all back....and then hide it.  I know, HIDE IT.  So before, I could store it in the attic, or under the bed, but I really wanted it IN my tiny sewing room so I could SEE it, think about it, plan new projects with it.  And then I'd come down to sew, sit staring at all my options for a while, get totally overwhelmed, and then sew nothing.  So I moved it to the storage unit so I could focus on the items I had left at home, get them done, and bring home one box at a time to do more.  But I keep running back to the storage unit because "I am going to work on that project next" and then that pile sits on my sewing room table and then I think of another one that need....I am slowly bringing it all back home anyway. And stacking it in the way, and accomplishing nothing.

So, I am organizing tonight, bringing it all back home by the end of the month, hiding it, and will TRULY work on one project at a time.  The rest will be in the attic until I can deal with it, one project at a time.  Out of sight, out of mind, but free.  I am posting a few pieces that I have immediate plans for....just a tease.  And a little accountability ploy for me.

This is a stretchy velour type with embroidery. Ii think this picture is showing the wrong side of the fabric.  I plan to make myself and my daughter matching capes with red trim.  This is my neighborhood chapter American Sewing Guild project for November.

This is a curtain panel that I plan to make into a shower curtain for my small downstairs bathroom.  I was waiting to repaint that room.  I think I'll go ahead and make it, maybe that will motivate the paint to put itself on the walls.

These gorgeous babies are nice long tab top curtain panels.  Notice the $20 price for 4 long panels, who can beat that?  And I might have paid less, if it was a 50% off day, who knows.  Anyway, I don't want tab top, so these will be transformed somehow, properly lined and made into curtains for the bedroom redo.

 This is my fabric choice for my second try on those kitchen cabinet curtains I previously posted about.  It is a gauzy but not sheer decorator weight fabric that I will make into the lower cabinet curtains and add a contract trim to the existing'll see.

This is my choice for the shower curtain in my master bath.  It is two curtain panels that I previous unstitched all the seams from for some project that I never completed....who knows.   They will be used somehow with a skirt turned topper (surprise) and these white on cream striped panels. 

This is a leather type fabric that I am covering a dresser top with and attaching with nailhead trim.

And this is the fabric I will use to make a couple of casserole covers that I mentioned in punch list post.

So there were a few teases.....I'd better get busy.

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