Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Jumper

You'll notice that I buy almost anything with embroidery on it.  This bluejean shirt is so cute for fall, totally not my style, but an excellent jumper for the daughter.

So off with the sleeves (save those of course for something else).  And under with the collar, just topstitching it down for a crew neck look.

Then I decided to remove that excess collar.  No need to serge or finish it since it will only ravel up to that finished edge.

Here it is  but I am not quite done with it.  I made the arm holes smaller and took in the waist at the same time with a pinch of fabric sown under each arm.  Still looks a little too plain.

It still looks like a too big jumper.  So I added some ties to each shoulder to draw them up and add a little pizzazz.  I also used a piece of ribbon to tie a decorative button on top of each existing button.  Yes I could have removed the old ones and sewn on the new, but that would have been more work.  

And here it is in all its fall glory!  Perfect for a day at Hershey Park!  I told you that I have been super busy at home....

Lesson learned....you can't just tie the decorative buttons on.  They must be sewn.  Notice the one already missing on that second button down?  By the end of the day, they had all come untied.  Second lesson learned. the tied ribbon to draw up the shoulders would be better if I had just added a piece of elastic right on the shoulder seam.  I'll go back and do that too.  See I'm not really perfect, everyone just thinks I am.

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