Wednesday, October 10, 2012

yes, I even decorate the refrigerator

The latest project has been for the refrigerator.  Not sure why I actually had to Google it, but I could have sworn that refrigerator had a d in it....all these years.  I absolutely hate a cluttered refrigerator front, but I have to admit that mine has been since having kids.  As a way to contain and somewhat beautify the clutter, I've added these frames bulletin board to the front.  The bottom has a cork board behind it so that I can pin items to it.  The top one is just a tuck board.  This is the same fabric I used for the lampshades on the dining room chandelier....which is still in progress.  I've had this fabric through two or three moves now, over seven years I know.  I'm sure I found it in the remnant bin or at a thrift store at some point and have reused it over and over in various projects over the years.

This project was started weeks ago and has sat unfinished, guess why?  So first I didn't want to cut and piece together my cork squares for the lower frame, I wanted to wait and get a roll of cork and do it right.   I could have moved forward and just went back with the cork, but there was another problem.  After I went through all the trouble of hot gluing the magnetic strip to the back of the frame for extra support if the glue tape gave out, it turned out to be demagnetized.  I've had this huge magnet roll for years now waiting for the right project to come along and them bam!  it lost its magnetism.  I researched how to re-magnitize it but that might cost as much in supplies and effort and buying a new roll.  So I bought a new roll and guess what?  It turns out that my roll was not de-magnitized, just too weak (along with the new roll) to hold up the heavy frame.  After a trip back to the craft store, which did not have stronger magnets, I just hotglued the darn frames to the fridge!  Why didn't I think of that before?

 So while I was finally finishing up this project, so I could post it, I remembered something I saw on Pinterest, and added vinyl placemats inside the fridge for easy clean up......and beauty of course.

While I was at it, I sewed up a quick scarf for the fridge top.  Hey, why not go all the way?  Still need to paint that upper cabinet though....

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