Sunday, October 21, 2012


I've been doing some closet cleaning to switch out the seasonal clothes....turns out that most of the daughter's clothes can be worn with a shirt underneath and cross seasons.  So as I am getting myself pulled together on my project list, I'm just sharing some past items I've sewn.  Here was a fairly easy outfit, she calls it her clownsuit.

The bottom edge of the top is a rolled hem using the serger.

The black fabric is a linen with embroidery on it.  It was a piece that I had left over from another project.  I used a rolled hem on the apron too.

The back is pieces of elastic inside thin channels sewn into the strip of fabric.  Those straps are from a belt that I picked up at the thriftstore.  Once I realized that I could use those for dress straps, I grabbed as many as I could.  I still see them  a lot but have forced myself to stop buying until I use up my stash.

The pants just have a rolled edge hem from the serger.  Actually, except for that elasticized back and attaching the straps and a topstitch on the front, I believe I used the serger exclusively

So yes this was a cheaterpants post, but she likes it!

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