Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Completed the Grocery Bags!

So here was the plan for sewing tonight.....finish a half started project of recovering the dining room chairs.   More on that later (below).  Here is what actually happened, you'll be so proud.  I actually finished a project.  The grocery bags!  Remember from last post, I said I have several more to finish with putting the handles on.  Well, I went down to start the chairs, figuring I'll grab a bag every so often and finish a strap here and there.  Then I decided, NO MORE....must finish projects.....MUST!

So I am proud (and tired) to say, I completed all the grocery bags.  I ended us using old blue jean legs as straps on several but I love the rugged quality it gives to the plaid.  I left a lot of raw edges too, so they would fray over time.  I started out sewing tubes to turn them and encase the seams but that was a bear to turn such a thick fabric, so then I started to just leave a raw seam.

Several of these are oddball bags that are short and squat and should be perfect for carrying cans....or maybe even casseroles, hmm?  I put a pillow in them to show how they are more square in shape than regular grocery bad shape.

These are the regular type grocery bags.  I went with longer handles on some...

and shorter handles on others.

It is actually funny....I usually am sewing away on a project and then say "OMG, it's after midnight!".  Tonight, as I was finishing up the last one (because I refused to quit), I had the feeling of "OMG, it is probably around 1:30, oh well, I am finishing these!".  So then I came upstairs to find it was only 10:30.  Just goes to show, not all sewing is is a frame of mind.  They were really easy to sew, but did I mention that I did 16 in total?  Whew, glad to be done.

So on to the dining chairs project.....tomorrow.  I'm tired now.  Here is a little peek to get you interested.

I had a little story behind these chairs in a previous post  and if you compare this photo with the previous photo, you'll see why white chairs just don't work with kids.  Probably nothing my carpet cleaner won't cure, but I really want to go with some color.

So what do you think?  Too much?  This is just draped on and I've actually had the bottom red fabric stapled in place for several months now  (I know, total clash), but I have yet to sew and attach the checked fabric to the back and legs.  Maybe still a total clash....

I'll admit it is a little loud but I think I love it.  Call me crazy.  Hopefully I'll be able to finish these tomorrow and you can see how I've "pared down" the dining room to get ready to list the town house.  Hopefully right after Christmas!

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