Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Long gone gone

Before I show the current dining room, I want to show a few things that have come and gone already.  I already showed the single black chair that I recovered with a jacket. 

Oh yeah, that rug?  It's gone now too.  It was a Craiglist buy.  Here is the lovely new one I got for Christmas...from Lowes.  I know....OMG!

Then in this older photo, we had these two oak chairs, the last two left from a set of five.  A Craigslist buy, whose table we got rid of long ago.   And this bench, a thriftstore find that I always planned to paint.

Those ended up primed needlessly, since we decided on chalk paint.  There is a little tease on seeing my chandelier actually hanging now.  

They both were painted with oops paint that we converted to chalk paint.

A couple of weeks after we painted them, my neighbor put out some furniture for the Salvation Army to pickup.  My Mama walked over to ask if we could come to the store to buy it.  The workers and the neighbor said that we could have it.  I felt guilty about this, thinking they made the trip and the sale of this benefits them.  But they insisted that we take it.  I believe it was also a case of the truck being too full to fit it. :).  Any way, I gave them the two chairs and the bench in exchange.  Very spur of the moment and guilt ridden move on my part. I would normally find somewhere else to use it.  But in the end, I didn't have room for it anyway.

So here is what the neighbor was off loading.  Four of the parson chairs, mint condition.  Yes they are white but we'll talk about that later.

That little wooden table, we let go too later, since we no longer needed it.  It was another dumpster find from earlier.

The column that we are now using as a side table was part of the set.  It is a dining table base and also has a glass top.  Since I will not be using a glass table with two hellions in the house, guess where it went?

You got it!  It adds a more solid surface to my sewing table. It is a Costco plastic table and my sewing machines bounced like crazy before.  Not any more!  This area is a little different now but still using that glass top.

Anyway, there are a few more projects to show for the dining room before the big reveal.  

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