Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Masterbath Fabulous

The main change to the masterbath was the addition of this colorful curtain.....again, a huge skirt sliced open to span the length.  That just shows you how large this skirt was, not only was it large, it was super-full too.  A fabric-ista's dream.

And yes it is LOUD, which is why I LOVE it.

 Look while you can, they never stay this clean.

The light fixture was replaced with a thriftstore find.  The previous one was a thriftstore find too, but the bulbs kept blowing so I was afraid it was sketchy.  Add touch-up paint to my to do list.

Since the cabinet curtain is so loud, I tried to go with neutral everywhere else. 

 But I am starting to rethink the neutral part......I am leaning toward a ruffle shower curtain made of this....

You knew it would be red, right?  It has a gold tone to it too.  Red can be a neutral too if it is unpatterned, right?

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