Friday, July 19, 2013

Saving the budget and my sanity by killing the carpet

I previously showed the new rug for the dining room that my hubby bought me for Christmas.  That sweet little doggie was a gift from about a month before :)

I include this picture to show the rug that was previously there.  But also notice behind it.....that little buckle in the carpet?  Can you see how matted down it looks....and that's after a carpet cleaning of that spot once a month.   This is the only photo I could find of that particular area, GROUND ZERO for our house.  This is the spot where the carpet starts.  This is right at the entryway, right at the bottom of the stairwell, right where everyone sits to put on and take off their shoes.  The nastiest looking mess and the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. HIDEOUS!

This is also the spot where this little bundle of joy was born.  It's a story for a different type of blog, but I'll just say, he was born via unexpected home delivery on that very spot.  Yes, THAT stain came up, but the years of shoes, spills and general wear and tear have taken its toll on that poor carpet.

But the rest of the carpet is in decent shape and we can't afford to re-carpet right now.

So guess what my bright idea was?

Daddy to the rescue!  I bought more peel and stick tiles to extend it out into a true entryway type area.  He had to shape the trim piece by using tin snips every few inches to let it bend.

It makes more sense to have tiles here since it gets so much traffic.   You can see a slight color difference since these tiles are so new but its not terribly worse noticeable than that HIDEOUS carpet.

My Daddy rocks!

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