Thursday, July 11, 2013

Not dumpster diving....dump avoiding!

First lets be perfectly clear, I never dove into a dumpster.  Actually these items came from a couple of boxes sitting by a neighbor's garbage can.  Apparently they decided to clean off the deck after all the snow.


I mentioned in a previous post how it seemed that I thought of something and it would just appear by the dumpster or someone's garbage can.  Well, this was me thinking of buying house plants.  The other stuff was just bonus.

THIS was me thinking, I would like to have some "play" pillows for the kids to lounge on.  Found these couch cushions stacked by a neighbor's garbage can.  Yes, I cleaned them.

 The kids love them!

Anyway, back to the stash.....It is in my kitchen as we were washing everything in the kitchen sink.  Solar lights, river rocks, hose guide, 

POTS, POTS, POTS, colored glass stones


Garbage can, paint bucket, paint rollers, hanging basket, outdoor pots, sprinkler

Snow salt, lantern thingy....

I understand just needing to clear it out, but I would have taken this stuff to the thriftstore.  Seems a shame to send it to the dump.

And here is where some of it ended up....

If you noticed the new cabinet curtains....future post!

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