Saturday, July 13, 2013

Try two on the cabinet curtains

If you noticed a different curtain on the cabinets in the kitchen in the last post, it is because they ARE different.  So I was a little disappointed in the functionality of the initial cabinet curtains I made for the kitchen.  They looked okay, although I wanted them fuller and slightly longer.  But I was so limited on the fabric that I made the rod channel way too small, and I couldn't even slide the curtains back and forth.  This made any venture into the cabinets a two handed job, one to hold back the curtain.  No good.  See my original rant on this in the previous post.

So here is try two.  Much Better!

And we actually finally finished grouting the tiles.

  Doesn't everyone use a bowl to cover a cake?

Yes, my bread basket it a laundry hamper....what of it?

NOTICE that we finally painted that upper cabinet.  We'll talk about those bay window curtains in a future post.

Now to totally blow your kitchen has already changed again.  My parents came back up since this happened in the winter and helped us redo the kitchen.  Another post :)

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