Thursday, September 27, 2012

Open Face Cabinets

I shared the chocolate kitchen cabinets with the decoupage in an earlier post.  After a few years, I got tired of that and made a few changes.  While I would really like to completely change out the cabinets, it is not in the plans for now.  So I've painted them again.....and removed the doors.....and added curtains to the bottom.  Both the top and bottom colors are oops paints and likely not the right kind of paints for cabinets, but oh well, it will keep me happy until I decide to change it again.

You'll notice that I  put real tile on the backsplash finally.  If you look too close you'll also see that I have not finished grouting it.....and its been a few months.  Putting this in writing is supposed to motivate me to finish it.  I'll check back in on that later.

You'll also notice that I missed painting one of the upper cabinets.  That was just laziness on my part, I would have had to pull out the stepladder and there is only so much one is willing to do in the middle of the night.  Yes, I often stay up very late working of projects.  It's my ME time.

Those curtains on the bottom are from a piece of decorator fabric I found and I had to eek out every inch of it to get those curtains.  I would have preferred them fuller.  And I couldn't even hem them, I had to use a rolled edge serge to keep them long enough (and I still suspect that they are too short).  And the curtain rod channel was so tight that I had to force the rods in and can't slide the curtains.  I went for so long with open bottom cabinets (and that is where all the ugly stuff is kept) that I think I settled when I finally got around to making the curtains.

I am getting irritated with them just talking about it.  Me, with more fabric than I can even store at home, settling for skimpy cabinet curtains?  What am I thinking?  I think I just found my next project....along with the grout....and the cabinet to paint.

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