Friday, September 28, 2012

The most AWESOME lounge pants ever

Now it is time to show some of the sewing I've done for the son.  It is much harder to find or think of projects to sew for a boy than a girl.  I mean they both wear pants and shorts, but you can embellish more on a girl's outfit than a boys.  So I make up for that by letting the fabric do the talking as much as possible for the boy.

Here is a a pair of pyjama pants that I sewed from a men's shirt a couple of years ago.  I believe that he was 3 at the time, but the pants still fit.  I believe I made them a size 5 and just let them run big at first.  They are from a soft silky type material, so he wears them as pyjama  or lounge pants.

Front side
Back side

That pair turned out so well that I immediately started making a stop by the men's shirt isle a regular occurrence at the thrift store.  I started collecting up the fun fabric shirts with plans to sew lots of lounge pants.  My son even got into it and points out shirts that he likes.  So I won't say how many I have saved up but I'll say that it is high time I got started before he is a teenager and too cool to wear what I sew.

These pants are super easy, especially with a serger so I really have no excuse.  The part that takes the longest is actually cutting them out, and that is only because I am cutting it from a shirt and trying to maintain as much of the already sewn parts as possible.  For example, on this one below, I used the bottom hem of the shirt for the cuff hems.  I had to maneuver around buttons and buttonholes but that is part of what makes it so fun.....making it work against all odds.  So anyway, here they are, the pictures are pretty self explanatory.

Isn't this the coolest fabric?  It is a soft cotton.

Those sleeves might make perfect shorts

maintaining the hem that is already there.

 Don't forget to turn the shirt inside out before cutting the pattern

Careful of that buttonhole

Aren't they awesome!?!



 All that was left of the shirt was the two sleeves and collar.  Those short sleeves are looking a lot like shorts to me but I haven't quiet figured out how to make that work yet.  And I've used a collar before as a flat front waistband before.   Anyway, more of these to come soon.

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