Sunday, September 23, 2012

The ultimate coverup

By looking at some of the few projects that I've shown so far, I see a theme.  Can you tell that for me fabric is the ultimate coverup tool ?  I use it over and over to hide all the clutter.  I really don't have any nice furniture, first because I am too cheap and also because I know that I will want to put some sort of cover on it anyway.  Maybe all that will change when I get a huge house and have plenty of storage space but I suspect that even then, I'll want to cover it all up as a way of showing off my fabrics.

You've seen these:

to hide sewing supplies
as doors for the closet

as bookshelf covers
to hide an ugly vanity

I've used the coverup....

in the kitchen

to hide the pots

For the pantry

to hide the food

For the dining room cabinet

 to hide the appliances

In the living room

   to hide the toys

Even my poor freezer/cutting table isn't safe.

I'm sure I have more examples.  Makes you wonder why I have so much to hide, huh?

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