Thursday, September 20, 2012

Artsy vests transformed

I find some of the most beautiful and artful fabrics usually in vests.  My first thought is always "Really?  Is that all you could come up with to showcase this fabric?  A VEST?"  So I collect one appreciates them anyway if they are taking them to the thrift store in such great condition, right?  This one had no tags inside and appears to be handmade.

And I de-construct them to save as much of the fabric pattern as possible.....

And then I think, WHAT the heck CAN I make with this?  I love the fabrics I find in these vests but it really is hard to transform it because it is a limiting shape. And I don't want to cut into the detail work.

I was thinking of a purse for this so I can save that edge detail.  The front of the vest is a basic purse shape.....I'll provide the big reveal  later.

Here is an example of what I did with another vest like this one.  I didn't take a pre-de-construction picture of the vest but it was a lot like this one but with a solid linen back, so I really only had a front to work with.

It was used to embellish a pair of the daughter's jeans.

I just un-stitched the leg seams, inner and outer, so that I was working with a flat piece of fabric. A little rick-rack to carry the look around to the back and it was done.  I did have to use a needle for jeans in the sewing machine.  I re-serged the seams too for added strength.  I didn't bother to add the typical jeans topstitch detail back, who would notice it anyway with all this raz-a-taz?

Remember when I said that the shape was limiting?  I didn't even have the right size piece left to fully cover the pocket.....rick-rack to the rescue.

The base fabric on the vest is a thin linen so I know that unfinished edge will ravel, buts its on jeans so I don't think it is a big deal.  I like to finish my edges, but I didn't have the room.

Notice that green embroidered shirt in the background....another future project.

Isn't that a pretty fabric?

I have plenty more artsy vests saved'll see more soon.

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