Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Six way tablecloth

If you read the last post, you know that this one is basically the same except that it is less versatile.  This project uses skirts and scraps from the thrift store too, but in this one everything is attached.  I'll show it in backward order from the last post, building up as I go.  

The base tablecloths are attached so that you just flip it to have the other look.  They share the same blue seersucker square on top and are attached by it, not at the bottom of the skirts.  It was a scrap of fabric, as were the yellow panels....hey, the green skirt was a fitted waist so it wouldn't fit all the way around the table!  I had to make do.

Since they are not attached at the bottom of the skirts, you could pin up the skirt, petticoat style, and let the other side peek out.

And there is my serger edging with a decorative variegated thread.

The toppers are also sewn together, so a quick flip gives two separate looks for each side of the base.  They are joined at the edge of the skirt.


Here you can see the way I joined the waist top of the red skirt in an "over and under" way, sort of the way you  criss-cross box flaps when you don't have tape.  And used the same yellow scrap for joining the waist of the other skirt.  The two skirts are attached to each other on the edge with the decorative serged variegated thread.

  I love it but it doesn't match my current decor.  Can you tell I love color?

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