Monday, September 17, 2012

Skirting the issue

If you couldn't tell from the previous posts, I love skirts.  I buy them from the thrift store to reuse for all sorts of projects.  I really love the long flowy ones and the bigger the better.  I sometimes feel guilty for taking  the larger women's skirts since I know that larger women often have trouble finding clothes.  If I see a really nice one, I usually leave it...honestly.  

Here are a few other projects where I've used skirts in home decor.  All pictures were pre- blog decision so please forgive.

On a bookcase to cover the clutter of bedside reading material.  This is a dark brown velvet tier, in case you can't tell.

In the bathroom, to cover the cheapo vanity.  This one was lined and once I slit it open down one side, the rod pocket was already there for the tension rod.

This shower curtain is three skirts combined.  The two sides are joined right in the middle and are two skirts that are almost exactly the same (bought on different thrift store trips and the only difference is a slight color variation).  How lucky was that!  They are a very filmsy fabric so the difference is hard to tell and they are so busy, I can say it was purposeful.

And this last one may be hard to see, but it is a skirt as the accent fabric hanging from the elephant head ...

...on each side of the loft opening.  Just a little splash of color for the room.

Oh believe me, I can rock a skirt!  And I haven't even shown you how many I've converted into dresses and girl skirts for my daughter.  That will be a later post.

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