Friday, September 14, 2012

Eight way table cloth

One project that I embarked on a while back was to sew and sell on Etsy.  Well long story short, it didn't work out.  One of those cases where I would have liked to make the extra cash but it wasn't my main goal so I didn't do what it really took to pursue it.  So anyway enough of that.  One of the things I had for sell was my eight way table cloth.  

These are two of the complete ensembles with double topper views.

Two views with single toppers.

Two views with the other single topper. (well one still shows the double because somehow I don't have a picture of the sunflower side with only the embroidery topper), but you get the point.  Put your finger over that little triangle of the second topper....and I didn't photo these staged either (????no clue).

And a close up of that embroidered topper.

Two views with no toppers.

And here are closer views of the tops of each side.

All the pieces are unattached to each other so that you could technically decorate two separate tables at the same time. Or you could layer the base skirts, pinning the top one up so that the other peeks out like a petticoat, giving you even more looks.  So maybe I should have said 10 way tablecloth.

So now that I've shown it all to you, let me tell you what it is.  Skirts, a jumper, a dinner napkin and a fabric scrap.  The green circle on the base layer is a scrap of fabric, the colorful paisley on white on the other base is a dinner napkin (I only had the one).  Both thrift store finds, of course.  The embroidered topper is the bottom of a women's jumper.  The rest of the fabrics were women's skirts.  All from the thrift store.  The yellow cording was done with my serger with a thicker decorative thread using a rolled edge stitch.  The edging of the toppers and the bottom of the flowery skirt edge (which was a remnant of a skirt that I used on another project), was all done with the serger using a rolled edge stitch.  The rest of the hems were already in from the original skirts.  Much of what I make is "almost from scratch" but not completely.  I love it that way!

I still have this project and would like to use it but it doesn't match my decor at this time.  And is hard to gift something like this unless you know the person's home and taste.   And it only fits the square side table from Walmart, most people have the round.   I'll just hang on to it for a while....who knows what will come up.
 If you were really paying attention, in those unstaged shots, you can see some more projects hidden under the tablecloth in the background.  Those have since moved but they are still not done....I tend to move things around a lot and never accomplish anything.  I'm getting there.

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