Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Winter Beauty

Isn't this a winter beauty?   So cozy looking!  It hangs to the floor even on an adult.  I can picture it with a pair of boots.  But I am a shorty and it will make me look shorter and shapeless, so to the daughter it goes.

Good quality name brand.  Notice the size Large.....I love to buy the biggest I can find, more fabric that way.  Nice thick elastic too, but notice the double stitch down the middle....not something I want to pick out.  I will be leaving that elastic as is.

I hated to do it but I had to chop off the bottom two layers.  She is only seven and she has to be able to walk and play in it.  Don't worry, you'll see those two layers again.  Look at all that fabric.

Here is the nice red edge on the skirt now, courtesy of the serger.  I think I love my serger more than my sewing machine.  Maybe....I don't know.  That's like trying to choose between your children.

And here is the big reveal!

I just cut in some arm holes and covered the raw edges with bias tape (sorta - this has a serged edge instead of turned under).  I didn't want to cut that waistband so I wrapped the polka dot fabric around it to make floppy bows on each shoulder.  Then I needed to break up that waistband so I added another there.  I need something will make it look more like a yoke instead of a waistband, but I don't want to over-embellish.  I'm not convinced that it doesn't still look like a skirt until I see it on her.  It would look really cute with a turtle neck and leggings.

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