Monday, September 24, 2012

You framed what?

Sometimes I come across a piece of fabric in a dress or skirt that is just so pretty that it could be that is what I do.

I have two examples in my dining room.

This one was a HUGE ladies shirt, by huge, I mean that one of these frames might be a piece of the sleeve.   I believe that you'll see this fabric come up again in a future post.

This one was a ladies blouse.  Sorry about the flash, I often do these late at night.

Here are some more recent additions to my living room, all fabric cut from ladies clothing.  I am in the middle of a redecorate on the living room so I don't want to show too much.  Just know that the angle is odd on this first one because I am taking the picture from the loft.  And I have 20 ft ceilings so these frames are all huge, around 20X30s.  If you wanted to do smaller frames, of course you could REALLY frame just about anything.

 This one was a scarf and the stripe is in the cloth.

A dress:

A dress:

A skirt:

A skirt.  It had an over and underskirt so it gives it depth, like a real painting.

A blouse with a twisty type fabric, this one still has the wrinkles in the fabric.  It gives it a painted texture.

And here is one for my sewing room from a skirt.  I think it is the prettiest of them all.  I am thinking of adding cork underneath so that it can serve as a bulletin board too.  You'll notice that this one doesn't have the flash glare because I removed the plexiglass.  On the others, I chose to leave the glass because they hang so high up on the wall and will collect dust on the fabric otherwise.  This one, I can actually reach to dust more often.

On most of these, I now have a the back side only of a dress/skirt/blouse left to do something else with.  With these being such a big print, it will be hard to maintain that in making something for the daughter.  The poppy one is the only one that is actually cotton, the rest are slinky types of material.

What else can I do with them?  Pajama pants?   Yeah, if I only want one pants leg.

Did you notice the new green paint on the sewing room walls?  I'll show more on that when I can finally get the whole room painted and decorated.  Another project to finish.

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