Thursday, July 18, 2013

Waterfall revamp

I bought this three piece waterfall set off Craigslist for $40.  Yes, only $40 for all three pieces but they were in pretty bad shape with the veneer buckling and cracking.  I am often afraid of veneer pieces but I really like the waterfall look and that chevron band had me sold.  We only use the vanity piece (minus the mirror) in the dining room as an entry way junk holder.  I am showing all three pieces here so you can get an idea of how bad they looked.

We peeled the damaged veneer off and decided to get crafty with scrapbook paper.  You'll see this one later in the kids room.

My mom ended up using the iron to help loosen the glue of the top of this one.  She had to use a scraper to get a lot of it off.  Labor of love.

You'll see this one later too, in the kids room.  

This is the one  in the dining room.  I am so bad about remembering good before shots.  This was after the top veneer had been pulled off and the entire thing wiped over with stain to freshen it up.  That is me on the stairs getting ready to go for a run....go me!

And here it is with the scrapbook paper glued down, just using watered down Elmers glue underneath and over the top of the paper after it dries.  That brown edge of the flowered paper is an existing effect on the paper.  I like it since it makes it look aged and not too perfect an edge.  I am really proud of how this one turned out.

Since this photo, the plastic handles broke on this piece, so we replaced them with these from Target.  Those plastic ones were just so old and brittle and an odd size too.  We actually had to drill new holes.  In this picture, I notice that the piece could use another wipe down with stain to touch up some of the scratches.      I really should add that to my cleaning routine several times a year.

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