Monday, July 29, 2013

Side table save

This will be a quick post.  This side table was another dumpster find.  Pitiful but a sturdy piece.  

Notice another one of those "read in bed pillow thingys" on the wicker love seat.  LOVE those things.  Sadly that wicker love seat, which was a Craigslist buy, had to go.  Someone at the thriftstore probably got very excited that day.

A little oops paint converted to chalk paint and then a little dry brushing of stain to give it some depth....and MMMMMMWWWWWWAAAAAAA!  Cute as a button.

Hey!  Do you see how my bedside lamp has those plug ins and phone jack on the front side, like you'd see in a hotel?  Well that it because these lamps are from the hotel resell place I love to shop at.  We don't use the phone jack  but the plug ins are awesome, just like you'd use in a hotel to charge your Kindle, phone, plug in a clock, etc.  Why aren't they standard on all lamps?  Anyway, you've seen lots of items from the hotel store in my posts....from the "rugs" that were hotel carpet, to the lamps, to the office chairs, the occasional chairs, the living room curtains WITH blackout fabric, the huge living room is totally worth is to check them out.   All super cheap!  I haven't been in a while, maybe I'll stop in.

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