Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Clothing Challenge #4

This picture shows the before and after in one shot....excuse the post shower look.  I really like this blouse because it has a vintage look to it....who knows maybe it is.  It actually fits as is but has an old lady feel to it, even being that silky type material they often wear.  I say "they" as if icky....ha ha!  No offense, just not my style, at least not yet.  Too long, too roomy, the long sleeves are too puffy and the only way to wear it with any shape is to tuck it in....which looses the effect of the pattern.  So I decided to shorten the sleeves and waist length, lose the collar and generally take it in all over.  No darts this time though because it would ruin the pattern.

First to remove the collar.  My trusty stitch picker.  Me and this thing have come along way together.  It was easy to just run it down the seam line on each side of the collar.

And there it is removed.  Notice I pinned the sleeve were I want to chop it off.

I decided to not go with a normal short sleeve since it will chop off the design.  At this quarter length, with my arms down, the arms are part of the "picture" of the blouse.  Too short and I lose that.

Of course I'll save those never know.

Here it is minus the collar and sleeves.  I suck at photos.

Next to get rid on the extra length in the waist.  For a short person like me, all that length just makes me look short and squat..

The whole fit was a little loose so I proceeded to run a new stitch line around each arm seam, bringing in the shoulders and the underarm to be a little more fitted.  Smack me for not taking a photo of that.


Since I didn't want to take it in using darts, I ran a line up each side, slowly tapering in toward the bottom.  I couldn't come it too far at the bust part because I didn't want to have to undo and reconnect the arm pit.  Since I wasn't taking it in very far I was able to extend the side seam right up to the armpit and down the underside of the sleeve.  Too far in under the arm and it would have made it hard to lift my arms without undoing the sleeves and reattaching them.  Call me lucky!  I could have cut away the excess fabric, but I didn't feel like this was too much to just leave and it is already nicely finished.  Taking it in any further would have made it bulky though.

It has a nicer fit with the new seam lines.

I played around with the neckline, tucking it under at various degrees until I was satisfied with this.

So I cut the excess away, leaving enough to turn under for the cover stitch.

I want it to V right above the button, so I left that seam allowance large knowing that it has to be turned under for the cover stitch and I need room to get past that button without removing it.  Hey, I try to be efficient.

 And here it is with the cover stitch in place.

 I used the cover stitch to finish every edge....the neck, the sleeves and the bottom.  Here is what a cover stitch looks like....basically what you see on the bottom on any t-shirt.

And here is the final product.  Much better I think!

 In case you are wondering about my workout clothes in every photo, I work out at night, and typically sew for a while as I cool down and wind down before I can sleep.  I don't sleep very much.....I'll do that when I'm dead. :)

Now ask me later how long I wore these shoes at work?  Lets just say, I packed the trusty flat sandels in my purse just in case.   :)


  1. wow! I'm blown of my fav projects you've done and ps-you could never look fat or squat (leave that to me) :):) Red should be your color; you look fantastic in it :)

  2. such a nice refashion! You gave new life to an old garment :)
    Tx for sharing in Refashion Obsession G+ Community!
    MammaNene @