Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nothing gets past me!

Remember how I said I can re-purpose anything?  Well, watch and learn.

Oh the joys of living beside an apartment complex.....another dumpster find. 

Just a slight rip in the seat should be easy to recover, right?

Not when the frame is completely broken in two.....

So here is what I am left with.  Recognize any of those projects in the background from previous posts?  I told you that we were busy :)

HMMMM, what if I turn it over?

And make it a laundry hamper (or storage container, toy box, you name it).

Using that previous living room curtain fabric, I basically sewed a tall box with the right side on inside so I could flip it outward.

Now can you see what I did?  I doubled the bottom over to keep from cutting it, so it is wrong sides together, a double layer.

Then we decided to go ahead a cover the other laundry baskets too, we had plenty of the fabric.  And remember I said in an earlier post, I have so much fabric, there should be nothing "ugly" in my house. :)  Not even my laundry hampers.

I didn't bother to cover the bottom on these, and only went down so deep with the fabric on the inside to keep from cutting it.  Who knows, maybe I WILL want to re-use it again one day.

So there they are....nice and pretty.  Oh yeah, we decided to recover the ironing board too.  Why not?

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