Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A hot mess!

What do you have when two kids share a room - boy/girl.  A HOT MESS!

She is a princess and has the girly stuff.

He has to counteract the frills with anything boy, Angry Birds, Spiderman, Cars, you name it.....all in its primary color glory.  His window is a purple/blue ombre panel.  You really can't see it in the photo due to the sunlight.

Her window gets the girly treatment.  Purple panels and a "skirt" topper.

She gets a killer whale covered cork board for her jewelry.

And he gets one to match, for his "non-jewelry".

His closet gets wallpapered with scrapbook paper in animal prints, since he IS a boy.

 Her closet is still on the to-do list.....  with all those waterfall furniture pieces that I still need to finish.

Can you see why I said a HOT MESS?  Scroll back through those photos and let me know what my color scheme is, when you figure it out.  IMPOSSIBLE!

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