Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chair covered with jacket

Here is the only chair that survived with the busted up table, turned heard board.  It is disgusting but actually a nice sturdy chair.  I almost forgot to take the before shot, so I had already removed the nasty fabric.

 Lovely huh?  Who puts white on dining room chairs anyway.  Oh wait, you see that topic come up again in a future post :)

Since I only have the one chair, I can use a FUN piece of fabric.  This jacket was one of those pieces that I'd never wear but just loved the fabric.  I ALWAYS think beyond the clothing item to where else I could use the fabric.  WHICH IS WHY I HAVE SO MUCH!  I got a little ahead of myself again and cut it before the photo.  The big piece I used was basically the entire back of the jacket.

FUN huh?

I have since let this one go to the thriftstore with some other furniture, so if you were the lucky one to get this one of a kind piece of art.....feel lucky, very lucky.  :)  This is the kind of chair I wish I could have saved as a conversation piece for when we get a house that has space for random chairs here and there, but until then, my loss is someone's gain.

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  1. :) you are extremely crafty...I've been inspired to do a few DIY projects; you'll have to come over :)