Sunday, July 28, 2013

The fixings

You may have noticed that my bed does not include the usual pillow arrangements that you would expect of a fabric-ista.  The pillow-shams, neck-rolls, the pretty designer squares.  Well, it is quiet simple, I get tired of kicking them around on the floor.  The bed is seldom made (there, my secret is out) so they would be shoved in a corner somewhere or walked on by the kids anyway.  

I used to have them, years ago, but you live and you learn.  We actually use these things to read in bed.  Feel free to comment if you know what they are called.  We have two of them and they live on the bed or here on top of the dog crate.  I've been thinking of recovering them to match the room decor and keeping them permanently on the bed.  Mine lives there anyway, I am short so I just scooch down below it when I am done reading.  I love that thing!  So much more supportive than a pillow.  And yes I got both together at a the same time, a matching set, perfect condition (looked unused), at the thriftstore.  Those red stacking boxes?  Thiftstore.  I know, kick me.

SOOO, on to the bed skirt.

So you are probably noticing a tonal effect on the silky skirt, right?  Sort of  looks green but sort of looks gold too?  Fancy fabric?  Wrong.  Sun faded fabric? Right.

I found this huge piece of heavy satin (real or not? IDK)  at the thriftstore that someone had basically folded in half  and sewn a rod pocket in, to make a LONG window topper (effectively lining it with itself).  Must have been one huge window.....or maybe an expanse of windows across a wall.  Anyway, it was sun faded but I figure that there was so much of it, I'd figure something out for it.

After stitch picking to remove the rod pocket thread, I slit it down the crease, basically "un-doubling" the same time giving me TWICE as much length as I had before.  Any time a fabric-ista sees that much length of fabric, the first thing we think of is RUFFLES. Now there is a way to measure to know how much fabric you need for various fullness's of ruffles but I had so much fabric, I didn't even bother.  Besides, it is fun to live on the edge.   

After measuring and cutting to the depth I needed, I ran the bottom edge through the serger on a rolled hem.  Then I ran the top edge through the serger on a four  thread overlook.  Then I ran that edge through my sewing machine with the ruffler foot.  Then I attached the ruffled product to a white thriftstore sheet sized to the bed. WALA!

I also needed a KING size bedspread.  I only had a QUEEN size duvet.  I also had a twin size bed skirt in those perfectly matched stripes that you see there.  You can see where this is going.

After cutting the bed skirt fabric in the right size strips, I serged the raw edge and attached it with the sewing machine to the edge of the duvet.  I could have attached it with the serger but didn't want the knife to cut the duvet in case I want to use it later for another project.  I didn't even have to hem it since it was already hemmed.

As far as the curtains go, there is not much to say about those.  The topper is an oval tablecloth that I wacked in half, added trim to, and sewed in a rod pocket.   The yellow behind that was a designer fabric that I hemmed and sewed a rod pocket into.  The light gold behind that is a lined retail pair of curtains that I decided to use for privacy and sun blockage.  I didn't want complete blackout but some blockage.  Nothing fancy at all, just lots of fabric.  The tiebacks are just fabric leftovers from an old project.

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