Saturday, July 27, 2013

Master Bedroom

Out with the dark heavy drapes and in with the new lighter colors.  This window treatment is a combination of thriftstore curtains/fabric/tablecloth that just worked together.  I basically just used any shade of gold or yellow I had hoarded away.

Here is the link to a previous post so you can check out the before....since I reference "previous" a lot.

You might have noticed that we got a new KING size bed, which meant a new king size bed spread and all the other fixings.  Well obviously I worked all that out, so we will discuss it in the next post.  We bought the mattress/box springs with nothing else.  It sat on the floor for a couple of months until a co-worker mentioned that she was buying a new bedroom suite and no longer needed her bed frame.  SCORE!

The "rug" is a piece of carpet I bought at the hotel resale store for $25 and it inspired all the colors in the room.

The rug is how I got away with this fabric in the frame over the bed....and I'm still not sure if it really works.  It was some type of ethic gown thingy at the thriftstore.  Anyway I like to look at it, whether it truly works or not.  And beside the kids are getting a little to old for the naked folks we had as art before.  They started asking if it was me in the art and "that doesn't look like Daddy"......Daddy shaves his head bald :)

Now about that friend from work only gave me the bed frame.  That headboard is another case of wanting something and lo and behold, I find it sitting by the dumpster.  Walking the dog....again....and there it was.  It was the end of the month and the apartment complex next door was likely going through its end of the month move-outs.  Most likely the person ran out of room in their moving vehicle because there wasn't a thing wrong with this headboard.

And how about that little side table?  Dumpster find.  Another post. Makes you SICK, don't it!

Only a little switch up on the closets, actually using the same fabric that was used on the previous curtains.  And going with dark brown curtains on the closet doors.

Sorry about that blurry picture.  The real estate agent said I should put the bifold doors back on for showing......boring.

A new piece of fabric in this frame pulls the chocolate from the closet curtains across the room.

Recognize anything from a previous post?  The flower pot from the dumpster find.

My swag chandelier finally got a plug-end attached, thanks to Daddy.

And there's another one.

In my next post, I'll explain why my bed "fixings" aren't as fancy as you might have expected from a fabric-ista like myself.  Notice how there were no pillow shams or neck-rolls?

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