Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kitchen redo - for a fourth time

The kitchen has actually been redone again, with new cabinets and counter-tops.  My Daddy and Hubby put it all in for me.  Looks nice, huh?

It was all from Home Depot for around $1700, the ones they stock in the store.  Counter-tops too.

The only problem is, after my Mama and me had finished the tile and painting on the last redo, it was COMPLETE.  Not perfect but COMPLETE.

The rest of these pictures now show the little things I still have to go back and finish for it to be COMPLETE.....again.

Simple stuff but let's see how long that takes.

One other thing.  Remember how I think of something and then it magically appears beside the dumpster?
Well, it happened again.  Here is the Costco table that I use for the microwave, and to store pots underneath.  Perfect except for the way the plastic sags in the middle, forcing me to use a trivet under one side of the microwave  and toaster over to keep them level.

Walking the dog and what do I see but a hardtop folding table leaning there against the dumpster.  It is really a desk with the drop down piece for the keyboard but you don't have to drop it down. And it is the exact same size so I can use the same tablecloth.

Here it is, giving me a nice sturdy surface and NO SAG.  Maybe I have a lucky dog?

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