Monday, July 15, 2013

How to DRESS your powder room

To DRESS your powder start with a DRESS.

This one seemed to be a good color for the exiting paint and decor.  Of course a skirt would do the trick too.

This last one was pretty but has somehow gotten know, when the kids were mountain climbing on it.

So here is the new one, pockets and all. I just whacked off the top (saved it for later of course), serged the raw edge, stitched in a rod channel.  Done.  I even left the buttons down the one side and the other side has buttonholes still there.  Gives it character.

I started to remove the pockets but thought they looked cute.  A conversation piece....for the powder room.  Yeah the powder room that is right by the front door and right off the kitchen/dining room, the main room of the about needing conversation to block any noise. :)  Maybe tuck some tampons in there for the female guests....boy the kids would have a field day with those.

And to finish it off, I got the hubby to replace the light.  Store bought this one.......OMG!

Here was the old one.  It was an antique that I had picked up and just grew tired of.

It's amazing what a new curtain will do for a room.

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