Saturday, July 6, 2013

Just can't let it go

This was a nice save and just goes to show how I really can't get rid of anything.  I typically have to get rid of things in a fit of "just get it out of here before I change my mind", because I can always find another purpose for EVERYTHING!  And my Mama visiting is like a double whammy because she is worse than I am.  Love ya Mama, but you know I am right.

I actually got this from the thrift store years ago with another one similar to it.  It had moved from the kids room, to the sewing room and was almost gone.  I had in the back yard, ready to go since I had listed it on Craigslist. I already got rid of the other one earlier.  I did not do this paint job and had just left it since it was kid friendly in color.

Well, lo and behold, no one offered to take it on Craigslist.  So we were preparing to load it up for the thriftstore or at least cart it around to the front yard (with a free sign), when inspiration struck.  Well, my Mama struck.  "Lets use it for closet storage in the loft."  She painted it out with some oops paint that we turned to chalk paint.  She added a padded top so I could use it to iron.  That fabric is some that I have tons of since it was formerly my living room curtains.

I know that it is beautiful decorator fabric that I got a TON of for a song years ago at a thrift store, but I used it for years as my living room fabric and could justify cutting up since it had served me so well.  I'd never use it for curtains again since I have other options but I never fell out of love looking at it.  A touch here and there doesn't hurt, right?

You'll see it again in the next post. :)  More projects.  I'll be catching up on showing you all that we accomplished when my Mama visited.

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