Monday, July 8, 2013

Headboard from dumpster table

This busted up table as leaning against the dumpster on my daily dog walk......actually, it was there everyday all week.  I past it up several times, because it was so busted up.   One leg was broken off and the underskirt was so damaged, it would be a lot of work to fix it.  

But something kept speaking to me about it........OH YEAH, IT WAS THAT CRAZY VOICE IN MY HEAD THAT I INHERITED FROM MY MAMA!

The shape of it had me thinking headboard.  This thing was SUPER heavy!  It also had one salvageable chair that you'll see in the next post.

I went ahead and removed the underskirt so it would have a flat back.  I basically beat it off with a hammer after removing any screws since it was glued.  The slider pieces that allow it to expand for a leaf had to stay so it isn't flush with the wall but pretty close.  Who knows maybe I'll reskirt it and add legs later for another table.....

No clue why I failed to take a picture of the front side but it is painted black and very marked up.

I propped it as the headboard and said "I'll get back to it later".  Then when my Mama was here, we decided to paint it....and "wallee" it for the daughters headboard.  The daughter added the "wallees" herself.  We used the same oops paint made into chalk paint that we used for the living room side table earlier.

See, I knew it was the perfect shape for a head board, CRAZY voices or not!

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