Thursday, August 1, 2013

Flower Power


flower power.

This was a case of AWESOME fabric.  But also a case of not being able to size them down for the daughter due to the scale of the flowers. Any significant cutting and I lose the flowers.

You didn't think I was going to wear these did you?  Beautiful but a bit too much to ask me to plaster huge flowers around these thanks.

These still had the store tags on too.  I happened to have left the thrift tag on these but don't let it fool you....I likely paid half that since the stores have half off days on certain colors.  Either way, SCORE!

After turning the pants inside out so I could see the seams, I cut the seam off the long side.  That laying off to the side is the pockets that I cut off along with the seam. Then I used that long side as a straight edge, folded the pants in half so I could see right where to cut them to end up with perfect strips.  The dead top center of the photo shows where the scissors had to start.  This left me with as much usable fabric as possible.  Of course, you'll see those little cut away pieces on something else later, but when I say usable, I mean for a big project.

Then I ran the raw edge of each strip through the serger on a four thread overlock.  This will be the edge I attach to something.

  Four long strips.

Then I ran the other edge through the serger on rolled hem using black thread for the contrast.  It will be the edge that shows.

Wonder what I'll do with them?  Any suggestions?  Oh okay, I'll surprise you!

The point was to show that many of my thrift store buys are for the fabric with no real clue of what I am going to do with it yet.  Or maybe I DID have a flicker of a clue the day I bought it and have just lost that flicker temporarily.  Anyway, it'll come to me, you'll see.

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