Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Finished the rusched top sundress

The last time you saw this skirt, I had almost finished making it into a sundress.

I had sewn in rows and then ran elastic in each row.  Then it waited for the final sizing.  Well, I was finally about to try it on her.  The side was sewn up and then I serged over it to finish it and engage all those elastic ends.

I used a striped gross grain ribbon to make some loops and roses as a little embellishment.

I also used it for the ribbon ties.

Just a simple ribbon tie around the neck.

And it is done.  I swear that this must have sat for a year in the to do pile.  She likes it but now she tells me it is too tight around the chest.  No, that is not my teeth grinding....that's the sound of my heart bursting with love.

I could open it back up and redo the elastic but I think I'll just send it on to the consignment shop.  Or maybe I'll send it to my niece.  It should fit her.  We'll see.

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