Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Remember all those scraps I keep saving?  Here are a few of the projects I've done lately that uses them.  I posted before about blue jeans that I embellished with scraps.

When she was a toddler, I made may daughter a pair of lounge pants from this crazy quilt type fabric.  Once she out grew them, I used them to make these.  This is another pair of the son's pants that I converted to girls capri's once he wore them out.  Remember, kids don't have hips so it shouldn't matter on fit whether they are boys or girls.  These had holes in the knees so I cut them off there and attached the flares.  I covered the seam line with black gross-grain ribbon.

And here is another pair, same story on the holey knees.  These flares are from the sleeves left over from the HOT PANTS post.

Of course these are too small for my kids now, so I'm going to check into a consignment shop and see how that goes.

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