Saturday, August 3, 2013

HOT Pants...flamin' hot

These will be hard to see due to the busy pattern but they are so smokin' hot that I just have to share.  And I ended up definitely using a cheaterpants method for these "heaterpants".  Tee Hee!

First I cut off the collar.  As always, save it, I might use it for something else.  Notice that size?  Large size clothes are great since they yield so much fabric.

I cut off the arms and saved them.  You'll see them again real soon.  Another post.

I then cut along the shoulder seam to unattach it there.

Now this is where I had an AHH HAA moment.   I turned the shirt inside out, lined up the arm the back was folded upon itself, and the front was folded upon itself.....and started trying to line up some pattern pieces of basic kids pants to see how to make this thing work.  It was then that I could see that the arm holes are basically in the right place for the inseam.  So I didn't have to carefully cut out pattern pieces.  Every thing is already lined you see it?

Follow me through this.  No cutting done yet, well except to trim the top of the pants off straight, even with the pattern.  I could have done that later, without the pattern.

I serged the inseam, basically attaching the two armholes together.  Notice, its hard to see in the photo but I sewed right sides together.  On the right side you can see a part of fabric that looks like the right side.  This is the double layered piece that men's shirts often have across the back shoulders...a placard.  I don't need it but I am going to leave it in and just work with it.  See that tag on the back?  Look for it in the next picture.

See the tag?  That is the back of the shirt.  I slashed it up the back to have two pieces.  That long edge will be the side seams.

Now when I open it up, (remember that I already serged the crotch together), you are now looking at the back of the pants.  Notice that double layered piece that I left in now adds a nice detail to the back, almost like it was done purposefully. :)  Too bad it didn't line up notice I am not THAT concerned.

The front part of the shirt folded on itself has one side with buttons and one side with buttonholes.  I just removed the buttons and lived with the button holes.

I could have trimmed the fabric to just inside the button holes but then I would have need to trim the button side and possibly the back two side seam pieces to make it all line up right.  Not worth the trouble to me.

Another thing noticed, this little tag, ended up being on the one of the pantslegs.  I just snipped it off.

All that's left is to sew in the waistband.  I just had to trim the top off evenly.

I serged the top edge...

...and folded it over to sew a channel for the elastic.

So I was able to sew a pair of pants from a shirt with no pattern.  Simply cut off the neck and sleeves and slash it up the back.  Sew the arm holds together for the crotch, sew up the side seams and put in a waistband.  EASY PEASY

And he loves them!

What else can you ask for?

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