Friday, August 9, 2013

Something is fishy here!

This looks like a clothing challenge with the before photos....but I just couldn't do it.  I WANT to be fun and playful and make wearing fish look hip on a grown woman....but I just don't think I can pull it off. :)

It actually isn't too bad once it is fitted but I just don't see being taken seriously at work with a fish starring at you.   

I have this lovely rayon mix skirt with almost perfectly matching fish on it too that I will use along with the linen dress.  Both are lined with a silky material.  The outfits will be for the daughter but I know that she likes the lining so I'll leave it in.

I believe I can get three separate pieces out of this project.

First I cut off the bottom of the dress, strategically to save the fish.  There is an invisible zipper on the back that I would be able to use for the daughter so I saved it.

This is upside down, but you can see how I made sure to not cut through the fish and I retained the already finished bottom with the vents.

I used the serger to attach it back into a skirt.

I also finished the top raw edge so I could sew it into a channel for elastic.

I used my trusty elastic tool to pull the elastic through.

And here it is, waiting for daylight so that the daughter can try it on.  I REALLY need to take her measurements so I can fit things without her being up.  I just keep forgetting and I tend to ......SQUIRREL....where was I?

The daughter has a nice little skirt that has a little pizazz to it without being a swirly ruffle skirt.  She needs a few of those.  It's got fish-azz.  It's fizzazle.  Okay, I'll stop.  It's cute.  Even with the demon eyes....even with red eye corrector on, it is nearly impossible to avoid red eye with her blue eyes.

Now I still have that top.  If it wasn't so large, I'd just finish the bottom and let it be a top, but the neck and arm holes are just way too big.  And I have to long zipper to contend with.  And bringing in the sides to reduce the arm holes would mean cutting awfully close to those fish.

So I separated each side....

At this point I could finish the sides and bottom and let it be a smock....too nice for that.

I separated the shoulders so I am left with a front panel and a back.  I removed those ribbon hangers and will use them later.

That front panel, combined with the fish covered skirt will be a second project.  That back panel and the ribbon hangers are a third project.  Very exciting to get so much out of one idea.

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