Monday, August 5, 2013

Using the flower power fabric

Remember these...

...becoming these fabric strips?

I decided to convert this strapless, bubble top into a dress for the daughter.

I just serged three of the fabric strips into one long piece and made it into a ruffle.  I attached it to the seam where the bubble shape is made at the bottom of top.

The I used these two random strips for the straps.  I am not sure but I believe they were a part of a shower curtain I made years ago.

I sewed each one into a tube and then turned them inside out.

I attached the two pieces tot he front and waited for the fitting to decide what I'd do with the back.  Sometimes it looks better to just tie them, other times to make regualar straps.  I think I might criss cross these.

I had to re-serge the last strip to that all the sides were matching with a rolled hem.

To keep the rolled hem from ravelling, I used fray check....basically a little glue on the thread.

I attached the criss crossed straps in the back.

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