Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lipstick on a pig

I've been doing some more sewing lately.  I am working to pull together some spring/summer outfits so I can clean out the closets and transfer seasons.  Part of that clean-out has me holding a ton of boys jeans with holes in the knees.  When they are this bad, I don't bother to take them to the thriftstore.  I use them to "play around".

I am not really sure if there is a difference in boys and girls jeans before the puberty years, I mean cut-wise.  So I decided to  just go for it and make them girls jeans now.  So far I've done 4 pair, two not quite finished so I'll show them tomorrow.   I did the other two as capris!  I have about 10 pair in all  so I may alter a few with a boy flair but that will take much more thought and digging through fabric.

Pair Number 1

This pair had a huge hole and a tiny hole, so I didn't have to patch both sides.

In order to sew  these on a sewing machine, you have to use a stitchpicker on the seams so that you will have a flat surface to sew on.  Even a free arm machine won't fit a size 5 pants leg.  You just un-seam them up to the thigh, add the embellishments and sew them back up. 

Please ignore the toilet and duct-taped carpet in the background :)

This should continue to ravel right up to the edge of the stitches.

I just cut the bottom hem off, which is really thick and pointless with the ruffle on, and left it raw.  As they are washed, it will ravel and be a soft edge on the leg.

Pair Number 2

I left the edges of the print raw so they will ravel up to the stitchline.  

I haven't decided what I am going to do with these yet.  I thought about consignment.  Do you think they would sell?

I've shown pair number 3 before in a previous post, but they are too small for the daughter now so I'll be getting rid of them too.

Pair Number 3

This material came from a vest....see previous post.

No choice on leaving the edge raw when you only have a tiny piece of fabric left to work with.

More to come....

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