Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Entryway and Stairwell

This shirt will be in a future post as a costume and then a pair of lounge pants, I do still sew when I can.  But what I am really showing here is the before of the entry way area that leads into the living room.  That's the bathroom door in the back (previous post) and the sewing/laundry room to his left (you'll see it soon enough).  And yes, that is a project pile in the foreground.  The area is often a holding pattern for stuff from the sewing room.  And yes again, that is blah beige on the walls.  

LOOK, finally you see something I bought from the store!  But alas, it was Ollie's so I still got an awesome deal!  I am always needing storage.  I love this red against the blue.  You can see this is one of my favorite colors to use in decor....it is all over my house.  You'll notice it now that I pointed it out.
There's also a peek at that darn carpet remnant I had to put on the bathroom floor.  I said I wasn't going to show you that!

The area didn't really change except for the paint.  A nice dusty blue, really contrasts nicely with the living room tan, which extends up the stairwell since it shares a wall with the living room.  All the art is still the same, just various things I've found that I matted up my self with the remnant matte holes that Michaels used to sell at a discount.  I  haven't seen them lately but then again I haven't needed them so haven't looked.

What you do see new is no more junk piles in the entryway, now a nice ottoman.  The transformation of this piece from a dumpster find to this will be a future post...tease, tease.

The stairwell art was changed out for these plates.  They are thrift store pieces, from Target I believe.  They are actually plastic plates so very light weight.  I just hot-glued a bent paper-clip to the back for hanging instead of spending money on plate hangers.  I might not have done that if they were porcelain.

And at the top of the stairs, overlooking the living room.....a dumpster find!  Yes this was sitting by the garbage cans where we found the flowerpots (mentioned in a previous post).    It even had the glass stones in it with a whole grocery bag full of extras beside it.

All I did was clean it up and add the candles.  Lucky find!  We'll talk about that new black railing in another post.

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