Friday, March 1, 2013

Plum perfect! Obergine'ly wonderful!

Check out that detailing!  I love ornate details in furniture and decor....not sure if that is in style but it is what I love.  You can tell if from the picture frames that I buy.  This was Craigslist buy, $10 I think.  I caught my mom mid painting and grabbed a quick before shot.

We decided to paint it inside and out.

Notice that peek of orange table, the peeling paint, the ornate detailing that I love?  I mentioned this before as a future project.  I also mentioned trying paper mosaic on a previous project.  My plan is to cover that pitiful edge with a paper mosaic effect.  Just a little tease.  Anyway, off topic....back to this lovely little piece.

It wasn't until after she had completely primed it out that I mentioned that I wanted to try out DIY chalk painting it.....and it doesn't require priming.  Oops!  

This was Oops paint, isn't that an awesome color?  I always check the Oops paint when I hit the hardware store.  $5 for a gallon, $2.50 for a quart, how can you lose?  For the DIY chalk paint, we just added non-sanded grout and a little water.  The table came with those little glass panes to protect the ornate detailing and give a flat surface.  We put a couple coats of poly on it to protect it from the munchkins.

 I'm very happy with it!