Monday, March 4, 2013

Bathroom freshen - up

Nothing too miraculous to show on this room but it is amazing how a little paint and a bold print can freshen up a room.  Besides moving these two pictures in from another room, and hubby finally installing the new light fixture, that's all we did.

Isn't that shower curtain awesome?  It is a thriftstore piece I bought to use the fabric on something else.  Then I decided that this was one room where you could put a crazy print because there is nothing else for it to clash with.

The paint color is a mix of two colors from my Oops paints to get a purplish blue.  I am not a real pastel-ly person so the deep eggplant (from the previously posted side table project)  added just enough depth to the light blue to make me happy.

Besides the new light fixture, the paintings got a new life in this room.  They are actually pieces of wallpaper that I pulled from a wallpaper sample book.  I bought a few sample books on ebay years ago and use them for art like this and small craft projects. The mirror is unchanged and is a very heavy (maybe antique) piece from the thriftstore.   I thought hanging it on it's side made it more interesting.  Yes, that is a pocket door leading into the laundry room that you see in the second mirror picture.

This picture shows how the color matches nicely with the little tiles in the shower.  This was a during shot when we were painting.  Yes, I know that you are supposed to cut in first but I got up one morning and my mom said, "I painted the bathroom, you just have to go back and cut it in since you do that better than I can".  Enough said.  I'm snoozing, she's up painting with the roosters.

I am not showing the floor because it is badly damaged laminate flooring.  NEVER let anyone tell you it is okay to but laminate in a bathroom.  It is buckling up like crazy.  I actually have a piece of carpet remnant on the floor now to cover the mess.  Next big house project in replacing that floor - most likely with tile.

It is funny though about the carpet, which I also hate in bathrooms.  I mentioned that I needed a piece of carpet remnant, I found several rolled up beside the garbage cans where someone had just had carpet installed.  New pieces, not used.

I mentioned that I would like some throw pillows for the kids to hang out on the floor when they watch TV, I find those red couch cushions (in a previous post) stacked nicely beside a neighbor's garbage cans.  They were clean and unstained (I cleaned them anyway) and required no repair.

We were trying to figure out more seating and storage for my scrapbooking area in the living room, and that's when I found the buffet/bench by the dumpster. (previous post)

I mentioned that I'd like to put a few houseplants around the house, and we see a stack of flowerpots stacked by the garbage cans where someone cleaned off their back deck (future post).

I am on the look out for a kingsize bed frame and headboard for our new mattress set, which sat on the floor for months.   A co-worker bought a new bed, gave me her bedframe and I found a NICE kingsize headboard propped against the dumpster.  Most likely a mover couldn't fit it in the truck and just left it behind (future post).

It's uncanny what you find when you're not really even looking.


  1. Maybe you need to mention how you'd like to win the lottery.

  2. I'd like to win the lottery, although I've never played. Now that would be very uncanny.

  3. I'm with you on the laminate in the bath....mine needs to be redone so bad so it is one of my DIY projects but unfortunatley, the budget says it has to be replaced with laminate :)