Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ottoman from the bottom, man!

 We found this propped by the dumpster... pitiful huh?

It has a nice size hole gouged out in the center so we had to fix that.   Nothing a little cotton wadding can't fill.  The legs were loose so we put toothpicks in the screw holes and tightened down the screws again.  The toothpicks give the screws something to grab if the hole is wallowed out.  


I used the cotton batting left over from the "Bangin' Bumper Blouse" (previous post) to cover this multitude of sins.

 And then a thrift store curtain to cover it all.  I just sewed a box basically and stapled it to the wood underneath.

 And there it is in its new home....

I'd never justify buying this in the store, but the fact that I was able to make for almost nothing is what makes it so fun for me.

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  1. hhmm... I think this belongs in my home!! I haven't been here but will catch up!