Friday, March 1, 2013

Nailhead Trim

This is a nice heavy old buffet that I bought years ago at the thrift store.  I just changed out the handles.  At one point I painted the top flat black and paper mosaic tiled it.  I plan to do that same effect on another project later.  The method has the look and feel of real tile.  Anyway, pulling off the tile basically ruined the top of the buffet.  Oh I'm sure I could strip all the glue and gunk off to try to salvage it but it is easier to just recover it with some faux leather.  I was going to let it overlap the edges and staple it under the lip, but thinking about all that bulk of leather, I decided to go with nailhead trim.  You only tack it down every few inches, so it's not as bad as it might seem.  It also helps to give nice straight lines on nails.  I think it turned out nicely. 

This buffet has had a lot of uses in my house, first in the dining room storing dishes, then storing CDs in the living room, then back in the dining room as a secretary, then back downstairs storing office supplies and exercise gear.  Now it stores scrapbooking supplies.  The thing is SO heavy, I know because it has gone up and down the stairs multiple times.  I had started this project and while back but hadn't finished putting on all the nail head trim.  My mom finished it up for me while I was at work :).  Ain't she great?

It could stand a closer trim on the leather, but I am afraid to mess with it too much.  Sometimes good enough is good enough.  This faux leather was bought from the remnant bin years ago.  I also actually like the way the black paint has rubbed away some and decided to leave that effect.  It is just black craft paint from before that served as the "grout" in the paper mosaic project, so I could likely scrub it right off if I decided to later.  

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