Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bubble dress from skirt

Here we have your typical skirt.  A blurry picture so let me describe.....cotton, some simple embroidery detail, a sequin here and there.  

A white cotton lining.

First things first, lets use what is there.  A nice zipper in the back so lets make use of that and leave the back flat.  A piece of trim in the front that will make a nice casing for a piece of elastic to gather the front up, so lets use that.  You can see the untrimmed end of elastic in the picture.

Once I got the elastic in, I trimmed those ends off.

If I shorten the underskirt....

and attach it to the outerskirt on the rightside of the fabric....

leaving a little hole so I can pull it rightside out....
(no need to serge since it will never be seen)

like this......

I am left with a bubble skirt!

Add ribbon straps as a little embellishment and you have a bubble dress.

Nice huh?

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  1. :). You are a sewing diva! I am getting reedy to Try my hand at some spring improvements in a few weeks, new and up cycled...wish me luck!