Thursday, February 27, 2014

Refashioned Jewelry

I'll just show you the crazy before I show the good stuff.  This is a PORTION of my jewelry stash.


New stuff.


Working on some refashioning.

Basically, I have a ton of thrift store pieces that I bought on auction or over time.  By auction, I mean a box of used costume jewelry, site unseen.  I buy some new stuff from the craft store OR on sale at retail, to refashion.   If it is on sale and covered in charms or has lots on dangly parts...I am all over it, since each of those dangles could equal a new piece of jewelry.  Even the hopeless pieces have clasps and jump rings that I can use for other pieces.

So anyway, I worked a few pieces tonight, since my meetup group cancelled out at the last minute.  I had promised the daughter that I'd make her some dangly I had to deliver.

Small photos are the "before" pieces.

Before and after on this one.  I just added the star to jazz it up for the daughter.

The daughter was so excited to see me whip out the first pair of earrings in about 5 minutes, I am sure we will working on some more of these together soon.  Probably tomorrow night.

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  1. What cool earrings! and Gosh your stash looks as wild and large as mine lol.