Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Super soft flower power

This combination started out as an idea for one outfit, but still ended up as several separate outfits. You saw one from this skirt yesterday... this orange and pink piece is a remnant of that skirt.   The colors are perfect together but the fabrics are so different, it was hard to combine.  And the white based paint drip look would be lost if I cut that one down.  So this little pile will lead to several projects....lets see how many.  One so far from the full skirt.

The flower pattern dress is HUGE, and a very soft stretchy knit.  Think super soft tshirt.  It has this rusching on the back that I plan to use in the design.

First I chopped off the skirt to use for pants.  I left a little skirt below the elastic so I can use a rolled hem on it.  I basically like the top as is, except it is WAY too big, so I'll just cut it down to size for the daughter.  Who knows, I may end up with two tops! Maybe a matching mother daughter set.... I'll set this one aside for now and focus on the pants.

Well here they are.  Not a lot of steps to show.  Basically used the existing hem, all seams are in the inseam and added an elastic waistband.  This photo is a tease on a project to come.  That is the dress from yesterday and yes those are ruffle pants coming soon.....quit looking over there and wait for it.

She can wear these anywhere for now it's  ...
Comfy, comfy and off to bed

So that's two outfits so far and we know another is coming later from that dress top.  I just need to think on it.

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  1. Wow, your little girl is just like mine, wearing really special stuff made by mum. Mine thinks it is super cool, thank goodness. I hope yours appreciates the trouble you go through to make them.