Monday, February 24, 2014

Washi tape decor

Remember this hot mess?  I have a boy and girl in the same room and have had the worse time trying to cohesively decorate it since she wants princess and he wants all boy.  So I gave up.

Talk about a hodge-podge!!

Then I had my friend over to help me with staging ideas.  She suggested emptying the room of all clutter and decorating with one color on both sides that neither of them could really fight over.  I had already said I would take down the existing mismatched curtains and put up full white sheers to make it cohesive.  But white  on the purply-blue walls looks so girly.  As a way to accommodate boy and girl, she suggested going with GREEN.  Perfect with the white to pop against the purply-blue walls.  BTW, that purply-blue was my initial boy/girl compromise definitely worked.  

So I have to add some green decor, green bedding, de-clutter, touch up paint, finish the dressers, blah, blah, blah.  Lets talk about the fun stuff.  The bedding is the next project on my list but let me show you what I came up with for the decor.

Funny that you can't see in any of the photos from before but I had three of these little white shelves over each bed.  She suggested painting them green.  I agreed, but solid green is just too plain for me.  So scrapbook paper to the rescue again!

I had the daughter trace the shape of the shelf onto the back of various sheets from this scrap pack - 24 times!!!!

No really, she did about 15 and I did the rest.  I had to cut them all out. Whew!  

I used white glue to adhere the paper.  I did not dilute it as I would have to decoupage since the paper was thick and I just wanted to stick it on there.  No too worried about protecting it and I had other plans for the edges.

WASHI tape!  I glued the paper on one day, let them dry and then went back with the WASHI tape to edge it out.

Since my paper cutting skills aren't perfect, I wanted to cover the imperfections with the tape so I let the excess hang to the outside.  A few corner clips and it laid down nicely.  Because it is a papery tape, the wrinkles in the tape lay nice and flat when you press them with your thumb.  If you are really OCD, you could make clips in the tape all the way down.  I won't lose any sleep over these wrinkles.

I also trimmed down each side to clean up those seams.

I like the contrast of leaving the inside white.  See my project supplies still piled up in the background?  Busy, busy, busy.

These with the polka dots will go on the daughters wall.

These with the "racing stripes" will go on the son's.

Hopefully I can complete the bedding next and pull it all together to show a finished room.

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